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Born and raised in Nebraska, Jackie grew up in a family with artistic abilities sprinkled throughout the generations. Two uncles and a cousin all displayed artistic talent in various media, excelling in oil painting, leather work and jewelry. Her father played the violin and her grandmother, the piano.

Influenced by America’s turn-of-the-century Arts & Crafts movement, Jackie takes simple ideas and uses traditional “fine craft” techniques to create hand-made works of art that fit into nature.  Prior to her work with stained glass, she gained experience in wood-working and was influenced by early 20th century carousel wood carvers, and their devotion to crafting fine works of art in wood.


Jackie’s philosophy of her art is anchored in her appreciation of color and its vibrations, which affect us on a physical, as well as spiritual level. This evidences itself in two and three-dimensional stained glass pieces with layers of color and texture. It is her desire to make stained glass items that people can afford and appreciate for their homes and gardens.

Jackie holds a degree in graphic design and worked for a decade in the publishing industry, providing innovative examples of page and website design.

"Although I have worked in other media such as wood, I felt drawn to glass for its infinite array of colors and textures.

I strive to create glass items that can be functional, as well as beautiful. I find the challenge of creating designs that transcend the flat aspect of glass a unique and satisfying experience.


My work in energy healing has found its way into my glass art through the colors that vibrate at the various levels and resonate with people."

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