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The story of Dolly’s Dove


Our sweet little Westie dog, Dolly, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 15, 2013. After her crossing, Sky Heartsong, a very good friend of mine who is an Animal Communicator, gave me this message from Dolly:


“I asked her to show me what happened when she crossed to Spirit . . . she showed me that her Spirit came out of her body -- all sparkly and golden -- and that another animal in Spirit was there with her . . . it was a beautiful snow white dove! Dolly showed me her Spirit forming a cloud over her body and then the cloud dispersing . . . then she was running up a green, grassy hill -- with the dove flying with her -- into a sun rise.  I felt the most intense feeling of love, peace, happiness and freedom.  She wants you to remember that image -- her and the dove -- and the feeling because it's important for you to know/understand that because you work with so many animals. She said that if you see white bird feathers (wing feathers -- the straight ones) you should think of her.”


This little peace dove represents the rising of spirit. Hang your beloved animal’s tag, or a representation of what they mean to you, on the little clasp below the dove. . .symbolizing their rise with the dove
into spirit.

Dolly's Dove

SKU: JJB0019
  • Color: White

    Decoration: Colored jewel

    Size: 8" x 6"

    Weight: 3.5 oz.